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Why KIDZ Art Expression?

KIDZ Art Expression was developed as a great way to put a variety of art materials into the hands of children that craved more time expressing themselves through colors, fine motor movement and/or sensory experiences.

What is the center expected to provide?

The childcare facility is to provide an appropriately sized room with a tables and chairs. Access to running water for set up and cleanup and bathroom facilities. If  possible, it would be extremely helpful to have a staff person available to help with emergency toileting needs, unexpected sickness, injury etc.


Is this just about Arts & Crafts?


NOT AT ALL! It’s about Process Art or Open Ended Art which is all about the process of creating and far less concerned with the end result. We take the time to focus on your child’s intrinsic curiosity and exploration regarding shape, placement, colors and textures. We encourage the exploration of fresh art materials and celebrate your child’s creativity!

What is the cost?

Classes are $15 for an hour of instruction.

Do I have to pay for the whole session at one time or can I pay class by class?

Each of the 3 seasonal sessions during the school year are 6 weeks long and full payment is due prior to the first class of each new session.


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