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Creativity, vision, expression and inspiration have always been at the forefront in Anni’s life. Everything she does has elements of these characteristics. As an artist, she often finds herself immersed in a scene and needs to transfer it to canvas. It could be something as simple as a single flower or a painting that emotes feelings or memories.

She grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, where the schools were great and the people she grew up with were amazing.  It was there that she met and married her sweetheart, Gary and they've been together for thirty-three years. They lived in St. Louis and moved to Pennsylvania in 2001. She is surrounded by a community of loving people and will always call Mechanicsburg home.

There are many things Anni is devoted to in life. God, family and children. She has five children from the ages of fourteen to forty-six. Recently, her "little love" was born and she now has five grandchildren she couldn't live without. She's also blessed with a great grandchild. She loves every aspect of being a Mom and wife. So much so, that she home schooled her kids. She wanted to make sure they felt validated and loved in an environment that allowed her to make their education a true family experience.

In life, there are people who love “things”. They always want the biggest and the best. That’s not Anni. She’s a relationship person. She treasures her family, friends and students.

Art is the medium Anni uses to express herself and the work she creates allows others to feel all of the emotions and experiences life has to offer.

After all, isn’t that what great art does?

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